Tracking Covid-19 in Connecticut

Summary of Daily Connecticut Report

Latest Connecticut Data from the Department of Public Health Tracking the Virus in Connecticut New Covid-19 Cases in Connecticut Covid-19 Deaths in Connecticut Connecticut Covid-19 Patients in Hospital Comparisons with Other States Estimate of Rt by State (from Trends in New Cases by State Connecticut Covid-19 Deaths and Cases by Age Nursing Homes Prisons Variations by County in Connecticut By County and Type of Town Details by Town Links to Summary Page for Each Connecticut County Where Do Things Stand Today? [Read More]

Notes from RStudio::Conf 2020

Links To a Few of the Sessions I enjoyed attending the RStudio Conference in San Francisco January 29th and 30th. I also attended the Tidyverse developer day on the Friday after the conference and did my first Pull Request (PR). Soon I will be able to type ?forcats::fct_reorder and see my own super-simple example added to the help for that function. The videos from the conference are now online. It’s impressive how much video content RStudio has online at their resources site including video from all the past conferences. [Read More]

Apple Health Export Part I

This post is Part I of a dive into the contents of the Apple Health Export. It will work through the mechanics of moving data from the Apple Health app out of your iPhone and into R where you can analyze it. It also will describe in detail the problem of adjusting the time stamps for daylight savings time and travel across time zones. Unfortunately the topic of time zones and the Apple Health Export is a complicated subject. [Read More]

Working with New Haven Area Census Data Using R

This post will work through a basic setup to look at census data for the New Haven area. It will rely on the tidycensus and tigris packages by Kyle Walker. The emphasis will be on the R code for getting and using Census data rather than on the data itself. I should emphasize that I am in no way an expert on the Census. On the contrary I would rate myself as a novice. [Read More]

Guilford Demographics

The previous entry was an exercise in using R to process some data about voter registrations and the US Census related to Guilford. Because it was focused on the R code, it’s very difficult to see the actual results. I decided to do this post to highlight some interesting charts about Guilford unobscured by all the R detail. There won’t be anything here that wasn’t in the earlier post, but with luck someone can actually read this post. [Read More]

Guilford Registered Voters: An R Sampler

Attention conservation notice: Unless you are interested in R-related detail, skip this post and read the next post instead. The Data Source It’s primary season and recently I learned about a somewhat strange site that collects a lot of voter registration data. It includes birth date and the full dataset also includes phone numbers. I was a bit surprised that this data is publicly available. Apparently I am not the only one. [Read More]

Web Scraping Javascript Content

Web scraping with rvest and SelectorGadget can be powerful and fun. Recently I have experimented with trying to scrape a table from the Chronicle of Higher Education that showed compensation for university CEO’s. With a certain amount of trial and error I used SelectorGadget to find the fields I wanted to scrape: name, university, and compensation. But when I went through the steps in rvest to scrape those fields, I got nothing (in the form of a zero length vector of results). [Read More]

I'm Back

I more or less disappeared from this site for more than a year. I’m back. I dusted off the site and figured out how to move my site to Netlify. Netlify and Blogdown Switching to Netlify to host this blog was a bit tricky. It’s always harder to do something when you don’t know what you’re doing. I was a bit shaky on the relationship between Netlify and Github. When I was serving the site via johngoldin. [Read More]

Notes About This Site

[revised April 13, 2019] An earlier version of this blog was based on In July of 2018 I redid the blog so that it is hosted by Netlify and uses the name I had a lot of difficulty converting my old blogdown site. I ended up following Jenny Bryan’s advice from her Happy Git book: I burned it down and started over. I created a new empty repo on GitHub and then cloned to an RStudio project on my Mac. [Read More]