Apple Health Export Part I

This post is Part I of a dive into the contents of the Apple Health Export. It will work through the mechanics of moving data from the Apple Health app out of your iPhone and into R where you can analyze it. It also will describe in detail the problem of adjusting the time stamps for daylight savings time and travel across time zones. Unfortunately the topic of time zones and the Apple Health Export is a complicated subject. [Read More]

An Implementation of Narcissism in R

Revised 05/16/2019 with later data. This post is more an example of narcissism, but implementation has a nice technical ring to it. Narcissism hasn’t been part of my every-day vocabulary, although it has been in the news recently. Lately we have been seeing discussions about narcissistic personality disorder, but that is not what I am talking about here. At least I hope not, because I’m talking about me. [Read More]