Working with New Haven Area Census Data Using R

This post will work through a basic setup to look at census data for the New Haven area. It will rely on the tidycensus and tigris packages by Kyle Walker. The emphasis will be on the R code for getting and using Census data rather than on the data itself. I should emphasize that I am in no way an expert on the Census. On the contrary I would rate myself as a novice. [Read More]

Guilford Demographics

The previous entry was an exercise in using R to process some data about voter registrations and the US Census related to Guilford. Because it was focused on the R code, it’s very difficult to see the actual results. I decided to do this post to highlight some interesting charts about Guilford unobscured by all the R detail. There won’t be anything here that wasn’t in the earlier post, but with luck someone can actually read this post. [Read More]

Guilford Registered Voters: An R Sampler

Attention conservation notice: Unless you are interested in R-related detail, skip this post and read the next post instead. The Data Source It’s primary season and recently I learned about a somewhat strange site that collects a lot of voter registration data. It includes birth date and the full dataset also includes phone numbers. I was a bit surprised that this data is publicly available. Apparently I am not the only one. [Read More]