Working with New Haven Area Census Data Using R

Using the tidycensus package to explore census data. This post shows R code to fetch and map census data, but also gives some tips on how to explore the almost overwhelmind variety of variables available via the Census Bureau.

Guilford Demographics

A description of the demographic structure of Guilford by age compared with other towns. Also provides some background on the geographic location of registered voters in Guilford. This post is very similar to the previous post; it does not include the R code so it is much more readable.

Guilford Registered Voters: An R Sampler

Exploraton of geotagging and gender identification based on voter registration dataset for Guilford. Explores geotagging, identifing gender from first name, US Census, and general data clean-up. To see just the interesting plots without lots of R-related detail, skip this post and read the next one instead.