This table summarizes trends in each town in Tolland County. It is sorted by the category of town as developed in the report The Five Connecticuts: Urban Core, Urban Periphery, Wealthy, Suburban, and Rural.

For each town it shows the category, the population, the total number of cases to date, the number of recent cases per 100K of population (new cases in the last two weeks), total deaths, and the percentage of total deaths in that town attributed to nursing home residents.

Next there are two sparklines that show the trend in daily new cases and daily deaths (based on 14 day moving average). Cases and deaths are shown as a ratio to population in the town.

The purpose of this table is to make it easier to quickly scan for trends in local towns.

The town sparklines at the right show the trends over time. The vertical scale is different for new cases and for deaths. For new cases, the maximum height shown on the scale is 100 while for deaths, the maximum value shown is 23.7. For both new cases and deaths, the sparkline shows the rolling seven day average of new cases or deaths.

town category total population total cases recent cases per 100K total deaths % deaths from nursing homes town cases town deaths
Vernon Urban Periphery 29,157 2,288 216.1 55 85%
Bolton Suburban 4,928 343 243.5 5 NA
Columbia Suburban 5,421 396 239.8 6 NA
Ellington Suburban 16,041 1,101 124.7 16 NA
Hebron Suburban 9,522 649 273.1 10 NA
Tolland Suburban 14,766 1,067 216.7 20 NA