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Until 2011 I was the Director of Institutional Research at Yale University. I now call myself sem-retired because I still work for Yale about ten hours a week. No one outside of academia knows what institutional research means and relatively few inside academia. At Yale institutional research provides data and analysis to support the administration, especially the Provost.

I started this blog to describe some of my personal R projects. I have loved computer coding since my first experience as a sophomore at Michigan State in 1968. I bought my first personal computer in 1979 (a TRS-80), and coding has been a part of my personal life, not just my professional life. I dallied with many, many computer languages over the decades, but R turns out to be the perfect match for me. I appreciate the enthusiasm and spirit of the R community. It reminds me a bit of the personal computer community of the early 1980’s, but with more diversity on many dimensions.

For most of my time at Yale we relied on SAS, but I started using R sometime around 2006 because I was looking for better graphics. Soon I learned to appreciate ggplot2. One early attraction of ggplot2 was that “gg” stands for The Grammar of Graphics, a book written by [Lee Wilkinson](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leland_Wilkinson. I was a teaching assistant for Lee while he was still a graduate student at Yale.

I get a lot of R tips and new recipes from the R-Bloggers digest. I follow them on twitter. I hope to contribute some of my posts soon.

Although this blog is mostly an outlet for my R enthusiasm, it may include some other topics such as travel or adventures related to the quantified self. I was especially pleased to be able to combine R (via Shiny) and travel in the same code: see souvenirs of my walks.

About This Site

To create this site I am using the blogdown package to setup and maintain a website via Hugo.

As of October 2019 I have switched to the Beautiful Hugo theme. I used a post on Yongfu’s Blog to add a full-content rss feed for the R category in this blog so I could supply that to R-Bloggers.

An earlier version of the site was served via GitHub Pages, but the current site relies on Netlify to serve the site. The badge below indicates the status of the blog on Netlify, where “success” means that the blog has been successfully deployed. Netlify Status

My first post describes how I set up this site.

Previously I did some posts on WordPress (which I have recreated in this blog) and before that I did some on Blogger.

John Goldin gmail is john.r.goldin
Guilford, Connecticut, USA
October 27, 2019

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