An American Walking in Britain

Since retiring in 2011, I have been on a binge of walking in the UK. I will try to offer some tips based on lessons I have learned. I doubt this would be of any use to someone raised in the UK. Much of what I would say here would be obvious or second nature. But lots of things weren’t obvious to me as an American and therefore a foreigner unfamiliar with the British countryside. [Read More]

An Implementation of Narcissism in R

Revised 05/16/2019 with later data. This post is more an example of narcissism, but implementation has a nice technical ring to it. Narcissism hasn’t been part of my every-day vocabulary, although it has been in the news recently. Lately we have been seeing discussions about narcissistic personality disorder, but that is not what I am talking about here. At least I hope not, because I’m talking about me. Here’s the definition that fits this post: [Read More]

Portfolio of Projects

[revised April 13, 2019] One motivation for creating this blog was to display a portfolio of projects that I have worked on in the last year or so. I’ll list projects here. The plan is that eventually I will add pages that elaborate each project. I hope that publishing my projects on this site will nudge me to be a bit more systematic as I execute projects. The Diary of Samuel Pepys Each morning I read an entry from The Diary of Samuel Pepys at a wonderful site created by Phil Gyford. [Read More]

How I Set Up This Site

I attended the blogdown session at the RStudio conference in Florida. I am enjoying the enthusiasm and energy around R and RStudio. It reminds me of the early days of personal computers at the end of the 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s. Perhaps I am experiencing a second childhood. Anyway, all the Cool Kids are doing web pages on GitHub so I want to do it too. [Read More]

Using the Flickr API from R

There used to be an Rflickr package, but it no longer seems to work. It was last updated in 2011. I had a lot of trouble googling information on how to access Flickr from R. This example really got me started. It is doing very different things that what I wanted to do, so it may be more useful than what I am laying out here, depending on your goal. [Read More]
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Technical Note--Shiny Souvenir Map of Walks

I have used RStudio’s Shiny to create a map page where I can display GPS traces and photos from walks I have done during the last five years. The map is based on an example provided by Maarten Hermans in a blog post that he published last year. The map uses R htmlwidgets that provide access to the Javascript tool Leaflet. The trick is that I don’t have to know very much about either htmlwidgets or Leaflet to make this work. [Read More]